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The Three Princes of Serendip (work in progress)

The word serendipity is derived from a story called The Adventures of The Three Princes of Serendip. By accident I stumbled upon this story, a fairytale so I thought. But while reading, and searching for the meaning of some unknown words, I found out that many details within the story actually refer to existing plants, buildings and customs. Serendip is the ancient name of the island Sri Lanka. Within the story historical facts and fiction are mixed.
I am working on a version of the story in a digital environment, that displays both the mysterious atmosphere of a classic fairytale, as well as the link to history and reality.

 Wies van der Wal is a 23-year-old
 designer based in The Hague,
 The Netherlands. She likes colour,
 illustration, coding, search bars,
 turtles, language, lacrosse and
 animation among many many
 other things.
 Open for freelance and other

 Wies van der Wal
 +31 642 435 080
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Wies van der Wal

+31 642 435 080
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